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Forgive me if you, like me, know a bit more about skin health and beauty but some people don’t, and the prospect of going into boots, or a skin clinic and picking out some creams they don’t really know anything about and handing over £££ is daunting, a task usually it’s avoided.

So this is for you, the complete novices of the skincare world, the stay at home mammas with kidos hanging from them, the busy London office workers who leave early and party all night and even some of you who may know a bit, it’s always good to have a refresher! 

So where to start?

Let’s just start with the morning.

You wake up and feel … less than fresh. So what can you do? Clean your face, not with a makeup wipe (I’ll get into this another time) not with soap (again another topic for another time), but a good decent cleanser suited to your skin! This is where it gets a bit tricky, because you don’t know what suits your skin right, and with hundreds maybe even thousands, could even be millions of choices out there it gets a bit disheartening and you reach for the trusted simple make up wipes once more, but DONT! Cleanse your face give it proper clean. Why? Because when was the last time you washed your hair? Or changed your pillow case? It’s to clean away any dirt that maybe on your skin after rolling around during your sleep. It prepares your skin for the products to follow. To cleanse all you need to do is wet the skin (Luke warm water) massage the cleanser in for 1 minute, wash the cleanse off (Luke warm water once more) and pat dry with a clean towel/flannel. Time saving tip, keep your cleanser in the shower and when you showing wash your face, your already in the shower so you not adding more time onto your routine!

Next: hydrate/moisturise, I personally do not like moisturisers most of them feel heavy and sticky so I use light weight serums. This locks in moisture and prevents your skin from becoming dry. As some of us lucky people live in England, we are subject to a lot of central heating which is very drying to our skin, so we definitely need it! Take your hydrator use a small pea sized amount, rub it on two fingers and dot all over the face. Then spread it out and rub it in, this ensures even coverage of the product and means your not using to much as well because that is waste full, this step should take about a minute as well.

Finally! Yes, only three steps, see I’m good to you! Sun protect factor, spf, sun tan lotion, sun block, whatever name you chose to call it, wear one. Yes you might live in sunny old England, but you don’t enter another universe when you go to Spain on holiday, the sun doesn’t change, it’s still the same one. So that means you should protect yourself from it even in England, a good physical SPF not just one that’s in your foundation or cream or even anything from boots to be honest, that’s just not gonna cut it.

Common myths corrected:

  • No it doesn’t stop you from tanning
  • Not all sun tan lotions are white or sticky
  • Just because you’ve got it from boots and it says water proof and lasts all day, doesn’t mean it actually does, if you take a closer look they will still say reapply after sweating or swimming and reapply every 4 hours.

What it does is protect you from is skin cancer, pigmentation issues, and ageing and they are all things, I should hope, you don’t want.

So morning routine:

Cleanse – 1 minute

Hydrate – 30seconds – 1 minute

SPF – 30seconds – 1 minute

Overall total: 3 minutes. 

Now if you’re try telling me you can’t spare three minutes then I’m sorry but that’s just insane, WHAT are you doing with all your time? … Exactly, you can spare the three minutes.

Not sure what brands to go for? Here are some brands that I know and trust, ZO Skin Health, Dermaquest, La Roche posey, Roc, Skincueticals, Environ, Neostrata, Image, and Heliocare. Don’t turn your nose up at the price with brands like these a little goes a hell of a long way. Besides, you didn’t really think I’d recommend you Garnier or Clinique did you? 

Note: I’d really love to fully recommend products, and  sounds cliché, but without seeing your skin I obviously can’t select exact products, sadly I’m an aesthetic therapist not a physic, although I really wish I was! I will being doing blogs in the future with full product break downs for different skin types. So to keep you on the right track for now I’ll give you a quick break down on what your age group should look out for when reading the product info.

16-20 – essentials, oil control

20-40 – essential, oil control, vitamin c 

40-50 – essential, anti ageing, vitamin c

50+ – anti ageing, hydrating, vitamin c

I think that’s enough information for you to take in for now! here’s a link to my YouTube clip showing you how quick and easy this process is!

Much skin loving love

Isabelle P, your skin care fairy godmother x


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  1. Amelia Beckley says:

    I contacted Isabelle for advice as I haven’t got a clue when it comes cosmetics and looking after your skin. She was very approachable and after a few questions quickly sent me through some advice and suggested products which were tailored to my individual needs and desired outcomes. I can’t wait to start using the products suggested. She will now be my skin Guru! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the lovely feed back Amelia! Happy to help, and keep me posted with updates on your skin adventure! Xx


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