Goodnight Mr.Skin

Welcome to blog no.3 the follow up to back to basics.

Okay, so by now you should have had a good go at a morning routine I hope or at least looked at some product brands I mentioned?! Goood. Now this blog is the other half of your day, your night time routine, if anything even more simple than your day time routine, however those of you who wear makeup it may take just as long or longer.

So here we go, a short a sweet blog today. Where to start in the evening?

1. cleanse, the same as the morning routine, wet your skin with Luke warm water, take a pea sized amount of cleanser and rub away all of today’s dramas, and hopefully some dirt you’ve picked up from walking about as well. Those of you who do wear makeup or just want to feel extra clean do a double cleanse. So wet face, rub in cleanser, wash off, cleanse again and wash off again. Please note if your wearing a lot of makeup then just keep cleansing until it’s all off! You may want to use your normal make up remover first and then cleanse afterwards. Either is fine, but do cleanse after because you won’t remove dirt with just makeup remover! Cleansing is important at the end of the day because as we walk around pollution and dirt get stuck to our skin, if we don’t clean it off it just sits there and multiplies or gets pushed into your skin when you go to sleep and nobody needs that!
2. Step 2! Final step, just whilst we get our basics in place! Hydration. Take a pea sized amount of your moisturiser/serum and put onto the skin and rub in. It’s that simple. You are now ready for a nice clean, hydrated nights sleep, and to wake up that tiny bit fresher than you did yesterday, well your skin will anyway.

Now I’m not asking for a lot of dedication from you really in return for your journey to skin greatness am I? About 10 minutes or less a day. But you can’t expect great things to happen if you don’t put great things in motion, so I can do all I can to help but you need to proactive about it and take some of my advice onboard, deal?

Great! Because now the basics are done we can start getting interesting.

Much skin loving love your skin genius,

Isabelle P x

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