Good things come to those who exfoliate!

Exfoliation! My favourite part of my weekly routine, but the part most people get horrendously wrong. So time to educate you in the art of exfoliating.

Why do we exfoliate? – To remove dead skin cells, help with under the skin bumps, help to loosen debris from the skin.

Why do people usually exfoliate? – because they have spots or are oily.

So, if you exfoliate because your oily your probably doing it wrong, sorry to break it to you. When you exfoliate you are aiming to remove the dead skin cells that haven’t quite sloughed off in order for your products to penetrate better and you skin to look brighter and more radiant. You are not aiming to remove oil, why? Because when you strip your skin of oil your body works over time to replace it and then some, thus creating this vicious cycle of exfoliators and oily skin. And no one wants to look like a KFC bargain bucket by 12pm.

That’s being said, oil is normal, an oily shine is normal. Your skin NEEDS oil in order to protect itself, but I do understand that excessive oil is a sensitive subject, but we will get onto oil control another time, today we are scrubbing.

You need to add into your routine exfoliating, so your new order goes cleanse, scrub, hydrate and spf. But, not every day, you only need to scrub twice a week, for the reason I mentioned above, and you can chose when, can be the morning can be evening can be on a Saturday or a Monday. Basically, I don’t actually care when you do it just don’t over do it and use the right products. I use the ZO Skin Health exfoliating polish and I’ve used many an exfoliator in my time and this one is like little micro crystals of heaven! My skin feels so smooth afterwards and the texture looks amazing, If do say so myself! So that is the only product I’m gonna recommend you here because once your try it, you’ll wish you’d found it earlier!

So a nice little blog today to get you in the exfoliation mood but not a lot needs to be said about it really, just remember to only scrub twice a week, and make that all important investment in the exfoliating polish. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Much skin loving love

You skin care princess

Isabelle P x


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