Makeup Wipes VS Cleasner

Good evening skin lovers! This is the blog to my Vlog about make up wipes and cleansers. 

I have mentioned a few times in previous blogs about not using make up wipes but didn’t go into why. This is because I felt like the subject couldn’t just be skipped over, it needed dedication. It needed time. It needed its own blog! Although this is going to be a short blog, I really wanted to get this message out there and hit home with this one, because pretty much everyone has used a makeup wipes or baby wipe on their skin at some point in their lives. If you are sitting there thinking, no I haven’t … your mamma or padre would have used one on you when you were a baby, so I rest my case.

Makeup wipes … devil wipes. You cannot use makeup wipes daily and then say you’ve got sensitive skin … if you use makeup wipes you do not have sensitive skin. Trust me. 

I honestly don’t know how you all use them every day they have such a high alcohol content in them to be able to remove make up from the skin that they actually sting my skin and I use some form of acid on my face every day. Not only that alcohol is soooo drying on they upper layers of the skin, so if you were to just use makeup wipes and nothing else you’d probably end up very dry and flakey. Not the look most people want to achieve. Point No.2 of why I don’t like to use makeup wipes. As I showed in the vlog, they do not lift all of your makeup off and the pressure you use to wipe your skin constantly actually pushes in quite a lot of the dirt further into the skin. This then means no matter how good your products are that follow they are just being wasted because they are sitting on top of makeup and dirt. It also means you are going to be more prone to blackheads and spot because your pores are not being cleaned of debris. And my last point about why you should just ditch the wipes and get a decent cleanser; is the amount of pressure you apply to your skin trying to remove your makeup. I actually caused some vessel damage to my skin to my skin so I have a large broken capillary on my cheek they just looks like I have a constant red angry spot, and that is because of the pressure I had to use to remove my makeup. 
Baby wipes are different though of course because they are designed for babies … babies don’t wear makeup/fake tan/moisturisers and whatever else we all slap onto our skin. So baby wipes are not very good at removing debris and dirt from the skin, they are designed to be gentle not to wipe their way through layers of Estee Lauder Double Wear. If anything you’d end up using so many baby wipes and not really getting anywhere you might as well just not bother at all, but please love your skin and take your makeup off properly!
Don’t get me wrong I sometimes reach for a makeup wipe after a night out, but only if I’ve forgotten to take my cleanser to my friends house (it’s a very rare occasion) and its my only option and then I will always wash my face with water afterward it if I’m being perfectly honest with you most of my friends are good with their skincare so I can steal a bit of cleanser when need be. I haven’t used makeup wipes in about 2-3 years now, apart from the odd occasion, and I have a mini cleanser I keep in my over night bag along with the other essentials you just cannot forget; such as my tooth brush, and deodorant! Just remember, no matter how drunk you are remember to remove your makeup, because no one wants to go to bed with a absolute 10/10 and then wake up next to Alice Cooper. So, just invest in a decent cleanser because using 5 makeup wipes to remove your winged eyeliner and mascara takes a lot more time than giving your face a quick wash and then you will have more time to eat your chicken nuggets in bed.
Just a quick product recommendation, all of ZO skin health cleansers are brilliant, I use foamacleanse (all skin types, however would make you go dry if your not used to salicylic acid), their exfoliating cleanser (perfect for oily to normal skin types)and their normacleanse for when I’m on holiday because it’s fantastic for drier skin types. Those of you who are new to skin care and are looking to spend a little less but make that all important leap, la Roche possay or Kheils do some good cleansers as well, I’d recommend having a browse on their websites and finding the cleanser you think suits your skin the best before you go to a shop and buy any ol’cleanser. 
On a off topic side note, I would also like to mention that I have a new found respect for Vloggers that’s for sure, it was so much hard than I thought to make a decent video! Reasons why;

You have the get enough confidence and courage to video yourself

You then have to listen to yourself waffle on repeatedly over and over again whilst you edit

Making your edits smooth (something I definitely have not mastered just yet) 

You are constantly staring at your flaws – double chin, wonky tooth, broken capillary etc in my case.

Then the little voice in the back of your head wondering if you should be embarrassed posting this for the whole cyber world to see?!

Its quite brutal really and that’s just your own critic, what about everyone else?! So thank you to everyone who watched, even though it may have been painful with some dodgy video edits here and there I actually had some great feed back!
I hope you enjoyed this blog today and I promise my vlogging skills will improve!
Much skin loving love
Your Skin Care Queen
Isabelle P x


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