Flights, late nights and selfies. Lots and lots of selfies.

Hello from Budapest! Since I’m travelling with the worlds smallest suitcase I thought I’d share with you the tricks of the trade on how to keep you looking fresh with a 100ml liquid allowance.
Weekends away are great for your mental wellbeing but not always great for the face … what do you pack to keep your skin from going from radiant to radinot.

First of all, as a girl with a lot of clothes (obsessions still going strong) I find it hard to pack my tiny little suit case for a weekend away. How are you meant to fit enough outfit changes that could rival a run way show, all your makeup and all your skincare?! I simply can’t, and I’m 100% positive neither can you. So what gives? The shoes? The clothes? The makeup? Nope, sadly for most people it is the skincare. Usually on holiday you tend to drink a little bit more (or a lot) and sleep a little less, this bombardment of toxins creates free radicals which in turn age our skin, so we need to keep them in check a little don’t you think? And that is why this blog post is solely dedicated to your essentials to keep you selfie ready whilst jet setting.

So a weekend away is 2 days maybe 5, what can you get away with not doing for 2/5 days? 

Exfoliating, you only do it twice a week anyway just make sure you exfoliate the day or day before you go away and when you get back. 

Brilliant that’s one less item! Still can’t shut my case though … 
Masks, you can go ages without doing your hydrating peel off mask that makes you look like you’ve been mummified and lets face it your not going to be spending time relaxing in your hotel with a mask on, your going to be exploring so the masks can stay at home. Basically any thing that you do not count as essential to do daily, such as; night serums, eye creams, lip plumper, lash serums, and a thousand and one moisturisers.

Still not quite sure what you can take?
Keep it simple just like in back to basics you extras can be forgotten for a week:

Cleanser to clean your skin twice a day

Moisturiser/hydrating serum so you don’t dry out in the change of environment

And SPF! Always protect your skin from the sun, trust me you’ll thank me for it further down the line when you haven’t got massive brown pigmentation (spots) and your not having to come to me for laser treatments and chemical peels!

Thats it really. That’s all you really need for a couple of days away and those of you with a slightly more oily or blemish prone complexion should take some oil control too to help keep your oily shine at bay!

Second idea, if you just can’t live without your black activated charcoal mask, why don’t you buy some mini travel bottles? All you need to do is decanter some of your products into there and your ready to go. Also means that customs won’t take your 200ml cleanser and your £94 moisturiser off of you because that is heart breaking moment. Trust me. 

You can always pamper you skin when you get back, stick a nice brightening mask on and sit down with a cuppa or go for a facial. But go experience life first, just without the worries of growing an extra friend on your face!

Much skin loving love and enjoy your travels 

Isabelle P, the skin whisperer x


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