Don’t forget, wear protection!

Now I know I’ve touched on this before but I bet your still not wearing sun tan lotion are you? And I know why, it’s only England and on top of that its nearly winter in England… I mean this is one of the single most frustrating parts of my job, convincing people to wear suntan lotion, not only in the summer but in the winter as well! It’s like getting a child to eat it’s greens, but instead of children it’s adults who have discovered they love a good old sun bed. 

So this blog isn’t to scare you into wearing suntan lotion (although it might if it’s the first time you’ve come across these points), I’m simply laying out the facts of what may/will happen if you don’t.

Okay, and maybe scare you a tad.

You will age faster. How? Let me tell you in a simple way. The sun has harmful rays, which penetrate so deep into the skins layers they break down your collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are like the scaffolding of your skin, once you start playing Jenga with your skin, it’s only a matter of time before it all collapses. So being tanned comes with a price tag, and you pale ones aren’t getting off easy either you still need to be wearing it even if you don’t tan! Also, when you see old people, the ones who are clearly sun worshippers always look worse don’t you think? Their arms always look more wrinkled and saggy and their skin usually looks dehydrated, dry and fragile. The image of Magda from something about Mary’s comes to mind #oldleatherhandbag!

Pigmentation issues. Pigmentation comes in many forms they can start as cute little freckles that only appear on holiday and develop into massive age spots that are always there, visible to all even with makeup covering them. These age spots will have been damage made to the skin by the sun years and years earlier (probably when you’re in your 20’s and 30’s) and they sit in your skin just waiting to migrate up the skins layers and show themselves as sun damage. Pigmentation is very aging as well by the way a smoother complexion gives more of a youthful appearance, so best to avoid getting pigmentation, plus it’s not always very easy to get rid of it can sit very deeply in the skin. Broken blood vessels is more for those of you with thin skin and any of you with rosacea because your skin is generally weaker. Blood vessel damage is done kinda the same way as the sun ages your skin, it breaks down the collagen and elastin which support the finer blood vessels. When there is nothing supporting the vessels they become damaged meaning the vessels become blocked and the blockages create thread veins or a permanently ‘flushed’ look. Again this is not something easily treated and you might not ever have a clear complexion again so another great reason you should be wearing SPF! 

Skin cancer. Now, I have left this until last because obviously this is a very real and scary thing to be talking about, but with skin cancer constantly on the rise it is something I’m not going to just dance around. I think this point alone should be why you’d wear a good sun protection factor but ya know, I love a good holiday as much as anyone and on the odd occasion have gotten burnt. I am no angel. However, this is not an excuse for you to not being wearing SPF daily because I do and I very rarely let myself get burnt. Skin cancer is a very serious thing, if it’s not to bad you can have the infected skin cut away, which sounds horrible and will probably leave you with some scaring. On the other hand you can die, but I don’t think all people realise you can die from skin cancer. Cancer is cancer it means your cells have started to mutate and they try and rectify their mutation by clinging to other cells, which then mutates that cell and so on and so forth like a chain reaction until the cancer has spread. These four points alone are the reason why you should be safe in the sun, everyday. All year round. No excuses.

I know what your thinking, clouds right? Clouds do not block out the rays of the sun or we would live in constant darkness (if you live in sunny ol’England anyway), if anything the clouds actually filter out any of the goodness from the suns rays and leave you with all the pesky aging, pigmentation causing bad rays so winter times gives you even more reason to keep wearing your SPF daily.

It’s not all about the doom and gloom in this blog though I am here to help and finally coming at you with some product recommendations! But first, what kind of sun protection should you be wearing? There’s two types chemical and physical. Chemical penetrates into your skin and waits for a chemical reaction to happen to then protect you from the sun, so when your on holiday and think ‘ooo I’m burning a bit i’ll put more sun tan lotion on’ your sun tan lotion is actually failing to protect you for about 45 minutes after application, hence why you always hear ‘I don’t know how I got so burnt, I put sun tan lotion on!’ from every single burnt man on the beach. Physical is the good stuff, it physically protects you from the sun by instantly reflecting the suns rays off of your skin. So, always go for physical especially for the face!

So products, what to look out for in your protection factors… They will all say physical protection on there somewhere if they are. They will have high amounts of zinc or titanium dioxide or both and they might be a bit more pricey than your average boots spf purchase. But trust me laser resurfacing and Botox is gonna cost you a hell of a lot more! Products, glorious sun protecting products. I’m not going to spend loads of time on products because I have mentioned these brands in pretty much eeeevery blog I’ve written. so to change it up a tad I’m gonna to mention a few products from different brands for different skin types instead.

Oily skins, your up first. Dermaquest do a SPF called zinclear, which contains zinc which is for spots, it comes in three shades of tint so there should be a colour to match your skin colour as well as skin type, it also comes in a white for the men and those of you who don’t want use a tint, just don’t use to much or you’ll turn yourself into a Geisha girl. Skinceuticals do a Sheer mineral UV Defence which I haven’t personally used, but on of my clients had and she has the most amazing skin, she is pretty much a walking advert. Makeup lovers! ZO Skin Health do a wonderful SPF and primer, which has a natural melanin in to give it a natural tint, the silicon in it smooth’s out your skin giving you a flawless base ready for your foundation. Due to the silicon in the product it does not make this product very friendly for those of you who suffer with blemishes. The age concerned skin lovers this ones for you. Dermaquest 3D Stem Cell tinted moisturiser, which contains Edleweiss stem cells and these powerhouse cells have been scientifically proven to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This product is a moisturiser and SPF all in one so you wont even need a moisturiser underneath which is vey handy, but don’t forget it is tinted so makesure it suits your skin before you invest! Dermaquest also do a Sunarmour SPF full of antiaging peptides and it is non tinted so suitable for more skincolours! Normal skin types can use all of these SPF’s and SPF’s from all previous brands with no problem at all, just find the one you like the best. I have also found a SPF in Holland and Barret of all places which I am nearly 100% positive could be a physical SPF or at least a pretty decent chemical one, it is by Dead Sea Magik and its called Sunsafe SPF 50, just be careful and only apply 30 minutes before entering the sun.

Obviously I haven’t used all the sun creams in the world or I could probably tell you more but these are some of my favs. Heliocare are a brand with amazing SPF’s they have tinted, none tinited, creams, gels, sprays, they have everything and they are all blemish friendly as well! Other brands such as environ, image, ultraceuticals, neostrata that will all have physical SPFs as well. I use the ZO Skin Health SPF and Primer it’s my absolute favourite makes my skin look flawless even without foundation. I. Love. It.

Overall, not really a hard task I’ve given you is it? I’m not asking you to suddenly walk around with a full body suit on. Although if you want to, go ahead because I won’t stop you! I’m just asking you to be safe in the sun, as I have had first hand experience at trying to correct the suns damage! Oh and always remember your SPF goes on last out of all your skincare.

Stay safe in the sun.

Much skin loving love

You Skin Care


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