Water, oh glorious water?

Water has always been people’s go to thang. Got a break out? Drink water. Look tired? Drink water! Skins getting dry? Drink water!! But does it really have that much effect on your skin?

Before we start I would just like to note: this blog is a mix of a personal opinion along with some theory work I have conducted myself and previous research on the subject matter. So, do not be googling all these facts and expect google to tell you the exact same thing I will be because it most likely will not. According to google water is pretty much the cure to every skin ailment going.

Why does everyone reach for the water? There is no denying that a large intake of water does have a positive effect on the skin, but I’m not being funny or anything if you go from drinking barely anything at all, all day long to suddenly drinking 4 litres a day you are going to notice an improvement in your skin, as well as never being able to leave the toilet for more than 3 seconds #bladerlikeathimble. But you’ll definitely notice an overall improvement in your overall health, because you are not dehydrated. That’s no big surprise there.

Skin is the largest organ the body has, it is also the last point that water will reach when you consume it. So, does water consumption really have a dramatic effect on the skin? No. It doesn’t. How, can it when it is the last place that water reaches? And let’s face it water isn’t a miracle skin product or they would be selling it in Harrods for about £6,000,000.

So whilst water isn’t magic; it has got so many benefits and you’d be silly to read this and think ‘well might as well stop drinking water all together’ as it is not the thing that is going to produce drastic changes in your skin.

What happens when your body gets used to you drinking more water?

  • More than likely your spot will start to reappear again, you may get less which is brilliant, but they will return, as spots are not something you can all together avoid, stop or control – If you want some information on spots and acne, feel free to read my blog ‘well this went from one to a’hundred real quick’ – Drinking water will mean your break outs won’t last as long though, because your body will remove toxin’s from your body a lot quicker. Your skin will also heal a lot quicker from things like spots reducing the chance of scarring which is a bonus! Your skin will remain a lot brighter over all, where it is no longer dehydrated but do not confuse dehydration with dryness you skin may still experience dry from certain environments and products.
  • If the bags under your eyes could check themselves in at the airport then you may have water retention issues and upping your water intake can dramatically improve this, however you may need to perform regular lymphatic drainage to help reduce your puffy eyes if they flare up. This is also linked to water retention in the body, so as well as reduction from the eye bags you may also lose a lot of water weight you have been storing in your body, great for shifting a few stubborn pounds!
  • Your body will detox a lot quicker, where you are constantly flushing out bad toxins, extremely handy after a heavy night out!
  • From a study being performed on a client of mine water seems to reach and improve the skin on your lips and eyes a lot quicker than anywhere else on your body, this may because the skin here is the thinnest on your body and therefore water will reach these there a lot easier than the rest of your body. Needless to say drinking a solid 2-4 liters of water a day will help with the hydration of your lips and start to restore them to lips worth pouting! However this can take a while to see the signs, so as ever take before and after selfies!

Eat your water?! Who has heard of this? Yeah I know, a bit of a strange thought, this is basically telling us we can also eat some of our water intake by eating the right foods. Avocados are full of good fats and water that are also great for the skin, cucmubers are pretty much solid water, tomatoes are another great one for the skin, with foods like this, your body is more likely to use the water from your food and get it to your skin cells because of the other nutrients and goodness found within the foods and chemical process it goes though within the digestive system. This again will only happen if your body is sufficiently hydrated though, as our body’s are extremely clever and sentive things water will always be transported to wherever it is needed most in the body.

What do I do? I drink a solid 2-4 litres of water every day and I have to say my skin is mostly clear, my lips are hardly ever chapped and my dry spots go down a lot lot quicker than they used too. I don’t drink tea or coffee (when I do it will only be one in a day) as after about 4 cups they actually dehydrate your body, as well as making your teeth yellow. This being said I don’t drink the water for my skin though, I drink the water for my body, it needs a minimum of 2 litres a day to continue to function normally. Does take a while to get used too though but stick with it you won’t need to go to the toilet every 5 minutes after a while, I promise. I also find it easier to drink more from larger bottles rather than glasses, I don’t know why must be some physiological reason behind it!

Much skin loving love

Your Skincare Queen

Isabelle P x


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