Oh, Boys …

Heads up its about men.

Skin lovers, I wanted to talk to you all about men. But before your brains run away with you, no I am not about to give you dating advice, because unless you want to know how to remain eternally single, I am most definitely not the person to come to for dating advice! I wanted to write a blog about men, purely because whilst I have been writing these blogs I have had quite a lot of male influence from various friends and clients, however I STILL get asked if this blog is for men as well … well you men have skin don’t ya? Yes, exactly so of course this blog is for you too. I do get it though, skincare can seem like such a female thing but this day and age I’d go as far as saying men as just as vain as women, if not more so in some cases! And everyone deserves skin they feel proud of. Yes from time to time I may blog about something that may seem overly but remember I am a women so naturally I lean towards talking about womanly things! To clear it up absolutely EVERYTHING I talk about in my blogs is for everyone, men, women, genderless, not yet decided, the people that identify as unicorns etc etc. It is for everyone. I did write a whole blog on makeup wipes vs cleansers, however there are a hell of a lotta men that wear makeup so that is still a gender-neutral blog. So if you have missed out guys start from back to basics and work your way up because you can have beautiful skin too!
Ok back to skin now. Men naturally have thicker, oilier, tougher skin. This means men’s skin may become spottier/have an oilier shine/have more black heads, but having oiler thicker skin is a god send when your older because you won’t age as quickly as a women as most women. Especially a women of say my skin tone and type. You men literally get all the best things in life I swear…   How you men look after your skin is exactly the same as a womans, you cleanse twice a day, use oil control pads, hydrate or moisturise twice a day, SPF daily and then give your skin a good’ol scrub twice a week. Your products are just going to be slightly different really, you will need more oil control products with salicylic acid in to help your oil production and keep your open pores/blackheads/spots to a minimum. Catch up on product info in my previous blogs guides ‘back to basics’, ‘good things come to those who exfoliate’ and ‘this went from one to a‘hundred real quick’. Oh and don’t forget sun cream. It is very important, and you men suck at putting it on.

Treatment wise, again exactly the same as women. Skin is skin … you can do exactly the same as women, but just like with your products you need to find what works for you whether it be Chemical Peels, Facials, microdermabrasion’s, Collagen Induction Therapy, Laser resurfacing and so on. I hope all you men out there no longer feel left out, and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! I have been getting contacted by both men and women, its actually been quite over whelming how many of you are reaching out to me, but for those of you who maybe feel a little shy I have treated so many clients there’s not a lot I haven’t come across, so no need for any embarrassment! Or if you are too embarrassed to ask, feel free to read my other blogs for now or get your girlfriends/wives/mothers/sisters to message me for you!

Much skin loving love

Your skin care queen

Isabelle P x


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