Buy cheap, buy twice … or maybe not

I am doing a product review today, I know. Hella Exciting. I am reviewing a few products from The Ordinary by Deciem.

Skincare has become more about science rather than how it makes your face smell, which is great! Why you say?  Because, finally, skin conditions and issues can be fixed and maybe even potentially with high street products! Who knew right! Certainly not me. All my friends will back that up, because I pretty much slate every brand going if it’s not one I’ve tried. Which to be fair is kinda bad. So little old me decided to branch out, and try a taste of the unknown.

After much deliberation and reading all I could on the products on, I decided to try the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution.

I’m gonna start with the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. Because everyone prefers the bad news first. I, am not, a fan. Soz I know you probably expected me to be in love with this product and for me to suddenly be high street. But nah. First of all, I have been using this product and this product only to hydrate my skin for 2 months and my skin is dry as f*ck. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring hydration in your skin and B5 hydrates the skin as well so why is my skin not feeling or looking like it’s had its drink of water? Because its cheap that’s why, not enough of the good products went in and more buffers and fillers did to bulk it out and make it cheaper, that being said for £8 can’t really expect much more. I tried to take a photo of my dry face but alas my iphone camera didn’t show it well enough. My forehead is dry and any spots I do get turn into dry skin patches. Not. Good. Not good at all. So let me talk you through it. When you first put the serum on its kinda nice because it’s in a pipette and makes you feel fancy and scientific. But you end up using more than you need this way because you get a bit squeeze happy. It does have an almost gel/oily texture to it, which makes it spread easily and it also does sink in quickly, which are probably the two good points about this product. Then when it dries and makes you skin feel kinda tight and a little bit itchy and not a good itchy. Like you wanna scratch your forehead and jawline until your skin is raaaaaaw. So no, I shan’t be buying this product again.

Next up is the peeling solution. This, I love. Yay, I know and it will only set you back £6.90. well and truly worth it.  So I use this once a week or twice if I feel like I need it and I have to say it is fab. It makes your skin feel so smooth afterwards and it gives you that freshly exfoliated shine. Love. It. You use this product after cleansing, make sure your face is completely dry (remember to pat no rubbing) and put it on as mask for up to ten minutes. It stings and prickles when you first put it on but glycolic acid feels like that, especially when you have a chemical peel. So avoid the eye area. For it to work a little deeper, cleanse, exfoliate and then put this mask on. Follow up with your light weight moisturizer and your skin will feel and look amazing.

So it’s a 50/50 review here. A love and hate relationship. But what did you expect old dogs can’t learn that many new tricks in one go.

Overall, I’m impressed with The ordinary because of the price but not in love. I think it’s alright for some extras but definitely not as your base skin care (you cleanser, moisturisers, SPF) you can defo tell the difference going from cosmeceutical to high street that’s for sure. I will definitely be trying more of their products though to see how their Vit C and retinols stand up to the Skincare Queens test!

However, A new leaf has been turned and I will be trying more products from now on in order to be able to offer you and my clients alternatives.

Lots of skin loving love

Your skin care queen

Isabelle P x

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