Natural, natural, natural … FAKE

Hola skin lovers, novices, and skin experts. Change of tune this one, kinda less about skin more about aesthetics in general.

Are the pressures of today forcing people to take drastic measures before they are needed?

Well it’s a stupid question, because it quite clearly is. Look at poor Kylie Jenner, she looks god damn amazing but she’s 19 and probably doesn’t have an inch of her body that isn’t silicon/Botox and filler filled, and we have all seen celebs that just take it too far like; Michael Jackson he bleached his skin so he couldn’t even go in the sun and had to carry around an umbrella, Pete Burns was so full of filler I’m surprised he could open his eyes, Donatella Versace looks like a glazed doughnut she’s had so much botox. And unfortunately, the list goes on.

The problem is, you get used to what you see in the mirror. You fill your lips and at first your like, holy fucking shit what have I done?! I look like a trout, I have bruises, how am I going to leave my house?! 5 days after them being filled you’re like oh no these look amazing, kylie Jenner better step aside because there’s a new Kardashian in town! And about 8 days after that your thinking where have my lips gone?! I should have gone bigger … that’s getting used to what you see in the mirror and that’s how quickly it takes. And before you know it you really do have lips like a trout and have completely ruined your lip line.

But why is everyone starting to look the same? Its as though no one has their own identity any more, every ‘pretty women’ has big lips and an arse to match. Kind like Kim K is in the matrix. And every ‘hot man’ had muscles on muscles, tattoos and an ‘edgy’ dress sense.

I am not against Botox/fillers/plastic surgery/liposuction etc etc. Quite the contrary I am all for it, if you don’t like something about yourself then sure, why not change it? So long as it’s done well I have no problem. It so easy to change things about yourself these days, just make sure you go to some one is good! I see far far FAR too many botched up lips and botox. You can’t shop around for the cheapest deals when it comes to your face or body, you shop around for quality. Understood? You should be able to walk down the street with no one any the wiser you’ve had work done.

There are less drastic ways to changing your appearance of course, take me for example; I am 22. I have had my eyebrows and lips tattooed by the best Semi Permanent Make-Up Artist, this has altered my looks as being blonde I naturally had no eyebrows beforehand and I have had my upper lip over lined to create at appearance of a bigger upper lip. She honestly works wonders! I have had fat freezing on my stomach, and thighs; it’s a great treatment and I know a brilliant therapist who gets amazing results. In the past I have had hair extensions, I go to the gym and squat to get a large bum, as bums are the most fashionable thing you can own right along side big lips. I have had chemical peels to reduce the amount of freckles I have on my face and I have had IPL on broken veins in my legs, so although I’m pale, my legs look flawless (aside from the tattoos). I would love to have a chin tuck to reduce at least one of my chins, I’m going to get botox to stop my frown lines and I would love to have a better jaw line. That’s just me.

You can have non-surgical rhinoplasty (non-surgical nose job), facial fillers for facial contouring rather than a face lift, chemical peels to improve the texture and look of your skin, plasma treatment instead of having an eyelid lift. Honestly the list goes on and its worth looking into before you for under the knife or needle or whatever it may be.

Oh also maybe remember your words and actions can mean a lot more than you intended to someone else, so before you tell someone, for example; they have a fury face (cheers for that dad) maybe take into consideration how you say it or where you say it. In a crowded area (again, thanks for that padre) is probably not the place to do it. And I am not gonna hold my hands say I’m innocent because my sister will 100% testify against that however now her lips look great, but that’s sisters for you.

If your interested on Semi Perm Makeup or fat freezing then check out India Gillan Elite Permanent Makeup, India and Tammi are absolute diamonds and honestly the best at what they do. Miracle workers!

Much skin/surgery/filler/botox loving love

Love your Skincare Guru

Isabelle P x

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