Snowflakes over Skinflakes

As the temperature drops and it’s rains all the more. The central heating is turned right up and you feel and look as glum as the weather is. You may well be thinking ‘my skin is very dry…’

well never fear because the winter skin blog is here!

If any of you are like me out there winter is the time and turn into sponge bob square pants when all the waters drained out of him, a shriveled sponge. I’m dry, flakey, my skin is dull, breaking out and in need of a super boost. If this sounds like you, then you are in luck because this blog is to help combat that.

Firstly, the science, made a little easier for everybody’s reading pleasure:

Why do you get dry in the winter when the weather is so wet?

Well your skin is a marvelous wonder and knows exactly when and when not to boost hydration due to the environment you are in, these wonderful little things in the skin that control your hydration are called liposomes and everybody’s skin has them. So, when it’s raining and wet and humid your skin doesn’t need to produce as much or any hydration for its self, when it’s dry it does. Make sense? Perfecto.

Okay so why are you dry in winter if your skin apparently can work out if it needs to be hydrated or not? In the winter you constantly go from wet and cold to really unnaturally warm. Basically, outside to inside. Central heating will dry your skin out because it’s not a natural heat but also is dehydrates your body and the air in room as it isn’t a humid heat. So, in a nut shell you’re getting dry because you want to be warm in the winter.

Now the temptation of winter is to invest in these ‘rich’ ‘thick’ creams when it gets to winter is like the temptation to eat all the Maltesers in a sharing bag. Extremely strong, oh and don’t worry we’ve all been there.  but don’t do it, these creams do less to hydrate your skin because of the thickness of the cream it doesn’t penetrate so has the opposite effect of what you would expect to happen, as your Liposomes become confused and think they do not need to work. Oils are another one to steer clear of as an oil molecule is too big to penetrate the skin and therefore doing exactly the same as a thick cream. They moisturise the top layer of skin and in the process confusing your liposomes and actually dehydrating the deeper layers of your skin, so when they start to migrate to the top in the natural skin cycle they are actually drier giving you that lack luster look. Stick to your serums! They are light weight and penetrate deeper into the skin and work with your liposomes to encourage natural hydration boosts in the skin, so your skin can carry on thinking for itself.

Exfoliating this does not change in the winter. Twice a week only! If you over exfoliate dry skin it doesn’t improve the problem, it will more than likely stay the same or make a different area dry. Why? Because all your doing is lifting up skin cells that aren’t quite ready to shed off because they haven’t reached the end of their natural cycle and once they are lifted they dry out more and then become dry skin, this also makes the skin think it needs to repair itself quicker and will speed up its natural shedding process creating yet more dry skin. Stick to twice a week you’ll thank me later!

What treatments can you get in the winter to give you what all important party glow?

Chemical peels are great! You may see some being advertised as ‘red carpet peels’ ‘lunch time peels’ or ‘party peels’. This is because you can have one and no one will know you had one done they simple just clean your skin, remove black heads, and minimise dry skin. But beware some peels may make you flake or peel a few days later so talk to your therapist about the down time. HydraFacial’s are great they are serum infused facials combing a lot of important acids to give you a glow, a exfoliation and a major hydration boost perfect for the winter but they can be a little chilly on the skin to have done. And finally normal facials are also great so long as they use decent products. There are hundred of treatments that will improve your skin but I like these best for a quick pre party boost.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog about how to battle your winter skin. I get all of my inspiration from clients and you guys. If I have a heavy amount of questions asked about one particular thing in a few weeks I see a pattern emerge and voila my blog’s basically writes itself.

Much skin loving love

Your Skincare Queen

Isabelle P x


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