Merry Blogmas and a Happy New Year!

Hello skin lovers, I am writing this blog surrounded by half written Christmas cards, reams of useless sized wrapping paper and explosion of glitter. Ahhh it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

In the light of festive period we all have belts a fair bit tighter and wallets a lot lighter. Todays blog is keeping within the theme of Christmas. That we are all broke!

So do you need to know where about’s you can splash the cash in your skin care routine and where you can hold back a bit?

I am going to help you out by giving you my order of importance for when my bank account is looking a little low on the funds!

  • Your cleanser – now this may not be big bucks in comparison to your other products but it’s still the most important in my scale. Invest in a decent cleanser that contains the ingredients you need to keep pores clean as well as keeping your skin supple and hydrated. I like salicylic or Glycolic acid in a cleanser because I know they are going to actually clean my face ready for my next products orrr I’ve just wasted a whole lot of money hydrating some dirt and dead skin.
  • Your daily hydrator – hydrated skin is plumper and therefore will help with antiaging. So really two birds one stone action here, the more hydrated your skin is the more plump it will appear, the less dry it will look and it will give your skin a bit more life, lustre and luminosity.
  • Treatment products – I have put this third because these will really be at number one for those of you who need them, but a lot of you don’t need real treatment products to help with skin issues like; pigmentation, acne or aggressive antiaging.
  • SPF’s – we all know my views on this. Very, very important if you don’t, read my previous blog ‘Don’t forget, wear protection!’ to get the low down on my sun safety musts!
  • Exfoliators – I love my exfoliator and whilst it may be quite expensive I know I can buy a cheaper one to get me through the January squeeze. You only exfoliate twice a week but it is important to keep it up to get that all important healthy skin glow, just make sure the one you do purchase has fine particles in for a good scrub!
  • Eye creams – still important for those of you who swear by eye creams but if your using a good hydrator you can forgo to eye cream for a little while!
  • Masks – I love a mask, feels like a little home treat for me because I’m always busy making everyone else skin to die for I don’t have time for treatment myself! I do a mask once a week for a little boost but its not something I need to do with all of the my other products realistically, just a nice hydrating sheet mask will do me in January.
  • Lip balms – again if you using a good hydrator then you don’t always need a balm, I just like the blistex one for when my lips feel like they might split.

Some of you might have been clever and asked for your skincare for Christmas, which means you are way a head of me! I will 110% be following my own January squeeze advice!

There’s no point unnecessarily spending money when you don’t need too, you might as well ditch the £50 face mask and get yourself a decent cleanser. Oh, and your eos lip balm can wait go and get yourself a decent hydrator!

Besides in the festive period we are spending so much money on getting our lashes and nails done or our haircuts and beard shaped, ready to go out and have a good time, we really can’t afford to be wasting money on less than essentials!

Much Love your Skincare Queen

Isabelle P x

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