Stress and skin, a story destine for disaster!

Hello skin lovers, I thought I’d do a blog about the effects of stress on the skin this week.

Have you ever been so stressed you sort of do a 180 degree turn from frenzied to laid back? Well that’s currently me. Stress effects everyone in completely different ways; some of us become more productive; some of us just flap and some of us enter some strange almost not bothered state. I personally go through all these stages and that’s how I assess my degree of stress!

So how does stress effects the skin? The answer: In many ways and no two people will be the same. So here are some of the most common skin reactions.

A lot of people break out, especially along the jaw line, this is because when you’re stressed your body enters a constant state of ‘fight or flight’. This is an extreme version of stress on the human body even without you realising it. During this stage your body will be releasing extra hormones to help your situation, basically whether you are going to stay and fight or run for the hills. This is an inbuilt instinct from our earlier days as cave people, the modern body doesn’t quite understand that the computer wont chase you. So, this extra surge of hormones needs to go somewhere and its usually male hormones that get released so hello spots! You can always tell hormonal spots because they are the ones that seem to build up from underneath your skin for days and they are sore, and they never quite surface because they are so deep under the skin. DO NOT squeeze these spot, if you try you will rip the skin and your chance of scaring increases.

blog43Bags under the eyes is kind of an obvious one because most people struggle to sleep when they are stressed. But I will tell you something stress rarely effects my sleep, to be honest nothing really effects my sleep I could honestly sleep next to a Kango Drill. Lucky me, right? All I can say to this skin issue is try to sleep a bit more and don’t work right up till its time to sleep, log off and relax for 30 – 60 minutes before you sleep to wind down. If that doesn’t help, try drink more water to reduce the puffiness.

Increase in wrinkles. Yes. When you’re stressed your skin ages. Why? Because of the fight or flight state and the extra hormones your body also create free radicles. These free radicles are molecules that have lost an electron, they then rush round trying to find an electron to make themselves whole again. The free radicle try to ‘steal’ electrons off of other whole molecules by attaching themselves to a whole molecule which then creates two free radicles, and the cycles continues. These molecules are then not able to support your skin structure and your collagen starts to decrease. You also screw your face up more because all of your muscles are tensed, this will also cause wrinkles from the continual movement of the facial muscles. Invest in products to help fight free radicle damage, eat foods like blue berries and try to chill out.

Stress is very negative for the skin, but this day and age you don’t just work 9-5 you work 0:00-24:59. So, take time even if its once a week to have a little me time, and me time can be whatever you want it to be. Just a few hours of relaxing and in a stress-free environment. Your skin will thank you for it.

So I’m off to do a face mask and chill in the bath because that’s the kind of me time I need! I might eat some chocolate too. and by might I mean definitely will!

Much skin loving love

Your skincare Queen

Isabelle P x

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