Where the tears roll

Hello skin lovers, I have missed a week blogging, which I had no intention of doing but sadly life kinda got in the way and I lost my fur baby on Friday.

So, this week in the theme of my slightly depressive state I thought I would research the effects of tears on the skin! Very fitting for this week as I wasn’t actually aware I could produce so much snot and tears, but alas I turned into a human water fountain for a good 3 days!

So, do tears effect the skin? Well of course they do!  Your tears are naturally more salty so have a drying effect on the skin so if you have a breakout or acne then a good old cry sesh is a completely natural way to dry up your spots!

Tears are also antibacterial as they contain Lysozyme a fluid that can kill 90-95% of bacteria in 10 minutes! It acts as our own antibacterial and antiviral agent working hardly daily to fight off all the germs we pick up every time we come into contact with; other humans, animals, nature, basically everything. So if your eyes are having a little leak whilst out and about that may be why! Still avoid touching your eyes without cleaning your hands though because all though tears are good apparently the reason most of us get ill is because we get germs on our hands then touching our eyes, as our eyes don’t constantly have tears in them and germs will bread and fester in the eye because its warm and wet!

What else do they do … They actually remove toxins from the body that build up due to stress, which fits nicely with my last blog about stress! If you missed it here is the link.  So if you are stressed or grieving or just wanting a good cry, your tears actually contain a toxin by-product from your own body, which means your tears are actually expelling toxins from your body! amazing right! So crying is like a therapy session but for a hell of a lot less!

So in short, crying is good for you! Not only does it have a great effect on your mood because tears act like a stress release valve they are antibacterial too, so next time you hold back from crying just remember the benefits it truly has and let it all out!

Much skin loving love

Your heartbroken skincare Queen

Isabelle P x

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