Scars be gone

Hello Skin Lovers I promised you all a scar blog when I posted my acne blog way back when, but have not yet delivered on that promise.

So today is the day I keep that promise and present to you blog about how to reduce the look of scars.

You can get scars from several things and there are all different types of scars, and some are more severe/a lot lot hard to reduce the look of, so I am going to focus on treatments which will help reduce the appearance of scarring.

Oh also you’ll notice I say ‘reduce’ or ‘lessen’ a lot instead of ‘get rid of’, you’ll never find anyone saying they can ‘get rid of’ scars, because its not something that can be guaranteed but we will give it a good go and there are a lot of cases where scars are completely gone with the following treatments!


Just so you know the different types of scars:

  • Ice pick
  • Box scars
  • Rolling scars
  • Keloid scars
  • Trauma
  • Surgical
  • Hypertrophic
  • Contracture

The first three tend to be types of scaring from acne.

Treatments to help reduce the look of scarring are as followed:

Micro-needling – is a great way to reduce the look of scaring. It is a pen holding tiny little needles, which create micro-wounds to the skin, stimulating your fibro blast cells which in turn stimulate collagen and shorten your elastin coils to plump up and tighten the skin. Now, derma rollers and micro needling pens are different. Rollers are a roller with needles in that is rolled across the skin, I personally think it isn’t as effective, it hurts way more, it takes longer and it if often leave track marks as the needles also go in at an angle and come out at an angle, which is in fact creates micro tearing of the skin. However, with both treatments I recommend numbing cream and you will be red for that day and still a bit pink the next day.

Chemical Peels –  these come in many different strengths from; superficial to doctor only performed. If your scaring is quite deep you’re going to need a medium depth, or a doctor only performed peel to make you really peel off some layers. If your scaring is quite superficial you can go from superficial to medium depth. It just depends on the amount of down time you can deal with and how quickly you want results. When you have a peel, acids are applied to the skin that penetrate the skin and break down the lipid cement that hold your dead skin cells together, this is why you pre-select the depth with your therapist or doctor as the strength is how far the acids are able to penetrate (some doctors peels completely remove the skin). Once the acids have been applied your fibroblast cells will react in order to ‘repair’ the skin and in turn stimulate collagen and tighten your elastin coils helping to lessen the appearance of you scars. The collagen underneath is forming and repaired, helping to slowly plump up the scar. You can also localise a peel by just putting a strong peel in the scaring and not over the whole entire face.


Laser resurfacing –  there are so many different laser resurfacing machines out there with different amounts of downtime and different strengths that I can not quite pin point one singular one. Some totally ablate the skin, some do part ablation so you end up with tiny micro-channels, and some do not ablate the skin at all (ablate is to remove the skin). This is a treatment you will be red from and will need numbing cream (unless you’re hard core but trust me go with the numbing cream)  and you will be red and sore for a couple of days.

You may see that microdermabrasion and dermaplaning treats scarring, but to be honest with you, its going to be the world slowest process, because neither treatment takes off that much skin or produce that much collagen afterwards, so personally I would steer clear of the micro dermabrasion if you are look for serious results.

All of these vary in results and down time, and the amount of treatments you’ll need. Weigh up the amount of down town you can deal with to the results you want, discuss with your skin care expert and see which is the best route for you!

Much skin loving love

Your Skincare Queen

Isabelle P x

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