Industries latest facial craze.


So, I’ve been gone for a little while focusing on my own new business (Skintel give us a follow!) but I wanted to talk about a treatment that everybody is LOVING at the moment! Dermaplaning.

There’s no denying that dermaplaning is currently taking the industry by storm, every; beautician, aesthetician, doctor, nurse, MUA seems to be offering this facial and its not actually a new treatment to the industry, however it is now booming in the industry, but lets look at why.

The treatment uses a surgical scaple to essential scrape away dead skin cells and shave off the peachy fuzz (vellus hair) and even some thicker hairs (terminal hairs). Sounds a little scary and painful but in actual fact it is neither! It is pain free and very gentle on the skin as only a light pressure is applied with the blade!

The benefits

  • The removal of the peachy fuzz means your skin will appear smoother over all as there is a completely even texture, it also means hat the make up wearing among us are going to have the perfect base for the primers and foundation!
  • The treatment removes up to 30 layers of dead skin cells, this alone will help with cellular turn over to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The removal of the dead skin cells and hair will not only leave you with a brighter complexion the following products (mask, serums, creams) will be able to penetrate into the skin with no barrier or being wasted on the dead, dull skin cells on the surface of your skin.
  • Dermaplaning can be combined with a chemical peel for an even deeper exfoliation of the skin, but also so that active ingredients from the peel can penetrate deeper into the skin without being blocked by dead skin cells, oils and hairs. This means you will get more from your peel even extremely gentle peels, as peels are going to target a lot more sin issues at a deeper level.
  • Its safe on darker skin types (Fitzpatrick 4-6), this is quite rare rare as stronger exfoliation treatments (such as most peels and laser treatments) are not always safe or advisable for skin types 4-6.


The not so good bits about Dermaplaning:

  • The hair does grow back (sadly) and you do go through a stage (even though the hair won’t get thicker or darker) where you feel like your growing stubble, especially on the cheeks towards the ear (in my case my extra-long side burns). That’s because the hairs have been cut and therefore are more blunt so can feel almost spikey, they aren’t actually more spikey or thicker just can just appear this way in this initial stage of growth.
  • The noise near your ear can sound a little strange, but its not a horrible noise kind of a light scraping noise.
  • Obviously the therapist is using a blade so there is always the chance of a slight nick to the skin, especially if a raised bit of skin is gone over, these will be very superficial and will heal quickly.
  • The temptation to touch your baby butt smooth face its literally to much, so every time I end up with spots, but that’s my own fault really so can’t blame the treatment, so I guess its not really a con but I’m going to put it here to level the playing field because to be honest with you there isn’t much to not like about this facial!

So, all in all I have tried to level out the pros and the cons but I haven’t quite managed it, there’s nothing not to like about this treatment! This is why I decided to train in this facial and offer it to my clients.

The results for more serious skin issues will be a lot slower than chemical peels, micro needling and laser treatments (for things like pigmentation, fine lines etc) however it will go some way to helping to improve your skin, especially with regular treatments.

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Much skin loving love

Your skincare queen

Isabelle P x


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